TRAC (Triangle Racing Association of the Carolinas) is a CWA (Continental Whippet Alliance) based club in the Triangle area of North Carolina that holds straight racing meets followed by a Conformation Match.   The motto of CWA is:  we run what we show and show what we run.  To learn more about CWA visit their website:  CWA

While there are other CWA clubs on the east coast, the majority of them are over 5 hours away. Our goal was to provide an opportunity for whippets to straight race that was closer to home.   On top of this,

we are hoping to bring in some new participants that would like to try straight racing with their whippet but were not able to travel very far.

Our initial goal was to find a field in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area.  We are excited to announce that we have finally found a field that is within 30 minutes of our core members.  This is a really nice track of land

that is located in a fenced county park in Pittsboro, NC. (The Park at Briar Chapel).  Located right next to the track is a paved parking lot, a bath house and a newly built pavilion that provides a ton of shade and shelter in case of adverse weather.   The only downside to this location is the piece of land only allows for us to run a 175 yard track.  (Just for you information here).

The park is fenced except for an opening where the driveway enters the park.  There is plenty of room for vehicle parking, but we are limited as far as RV parking (3-5 depending on the size of the Motorhomes).   There is NO electricity, hook-ups, or water in the park.  The motorhomes are not allowed to park there overnight.

Shade is limited, so bring your own.

Triangle Racing Association of the Carolinas